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Dad Picture almost finished…

DadThis picture is in memory of my dad who died in October last year following a two year battle with cancer.  The writing is a mixture of dad’s own beautiful poetry and notes my two brothers wrote for the eulogy they read at his funeral (they spent a lot of time, and went through a lot of paper to get dad’s tribute just right. I couldn’t let the notes be thrown away!)  You’ll also notice blue tack wrappers (dad relied on the stuff to fix any DIY problem – including broken light fittings!) , hedgy the hairbrush (When I was younger I bought it as a present for him despite him having no hair!) and other bits and pieces that remind me of him.  The photos I’m working from make me smile every time I look at them!

dad1 dad2 dad3 dad4

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  2. ali says:

    love the art work nickey it all looks great love us

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