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Staveley Feast 2012 – The Giant Canal Artwork

Plaiting Plastic Bags for the Collage Our youngest participant! Commissioned by The Chesterfield Canal Trust , this collage will be displayed along the Chesterfield Canal (details to be confirmed!)

Children from Hollingwood Primary School told me loads of fascinating facts and stories about the creatures on the canal, and, over two days of workshops, every child in the school had a go at making a creature out of recycled materials bought in by the children.  These creatures were decorated further at the fantastic Staveley Feast last weekend, and loads of the children’s work was added.  The creatures were added to a frame with plaited plastic bags and look wonderful swimming along the artwork!

There’s still a few more to add, so I’ll be posting a picture soon of the finished picture!

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  1. Uncle Tom says:

    Hi Nicky,

    I am so impressed with what you have achieved, your creations are so impressive and real works of art, congratulations!


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