Mixed and Recycled Media Artist

Artist Statement

me at work!I use found scraps mixed with paint, glue and stitching to create energetic and intricate collages.   Often, I collage to capture and consolidate a particular memory or feeling, linked to a person, place or event. 

I founded The Bower Wirks gallery and workshop space in September 2012 to celebrate what can be done with discarded materials. This celebration is successfully achieved through the exhibition of my own collages, as well as through workshops both inside my gallery and in schools, universities and community settings throughout the country. I have received commissions from all over the world, with my work now part of private collections in Spain, Australia and France. 

Unusually for an artist, I see ‘community artwork’ as part of developing my own artistic ideas, rather than as a separate and unrelated entity.  Community involvement happens to different extents in most my pieces;  whether that be someone bringing me their sweet wrapper to incorporate in a piece, or working with a group of school children to design and create an artwork that will communicate a specific message.  My ability to enthuse people creatively has been endorsed by numerous colleagues and professionals I have worked with. My recent Arts Council funded project was hailed ‘a magical thing to be part of’, and ‘wonderfully imaginative’ by participants and audience members.

My degree in Architecture, and subsequent work on action research projects looking at the benefits of engaging young people in architecture, have enabled me to create inspiring workshop environments that encourage creativity.  I have worked for 10 years as an architectural designer, which has developed my skills in creative problem-solving, working on schemes that are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.   These values are also an integral part of my ethos as an artist.