Mixed and Recycled Media Artist


The unconstrained, flexible nature of my art provides a fun way to unleash creative ideas. I really enjoy working in schools youth groups and other organisations, and am able to deliver exciting workshops either as a one-off event or as a larger scale project over a few weeks.

If your organisation were looking for an exciting peice of artwork to brighten a dull corner, or express some of your values, it may be that I could help you…  Using scrap and discarded materials collected from your organisation (food wrappers, broken stationary, etc), I could work with a group to create a unique piece of art, representing something relevant to your organisation through the ideas and skills of the individuals involved.

Here’s a few examples of different workshops I have done in the past – you will notice whilst some focus on creating a piece of art, others are more about exploring architectural ideas in different ways – I enjoy the variety and like to work with the specific hopes and needs of the people I am working with.

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